Founders Re-Vision

by Bishop Linda Lee

Sacred Sisters

We are clergywomen of African descent who pursue transformational wholeness for ourselves, our communities and the world.

Transformation is a wonderfully life-filled experience. It is like giving birth to new life each time we are gifted with God’s grace to participate in the process. Transformation not only changes the one in the process but all who are connected with us in any way. Hope is one of its fruit. A hope that every day we
and life and the world are being transformed. All of God’s creation is being healed, made whole and born again. It is women’s wisdom, God-given Spiritual power and Divine guidance that help these things to manifest.


Sacred Sisters believe in transformation. We know that women of African Descent have a call to be transformed in order to serve as Healed Healers at this time in the history of the world and the Church. We are clear that we cannot and must not attempt to do the kind of transformation needed in ourselves and the world, alone.

We come together with other sisters for times of Retreat, rest and learning. We gather between annual Retreat times in Peer Support Groups for prayer, support and fun! We participate in other gatherings of women.

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Sacred Sisters is committed to do what we can to continue to provide Sacred Space and Time for the inner work that is the foundation for the outer work of healing and transformation so needed in our world today. We offer sacred times of Retreat to stop, get still, and listen to God’s voice. Times for prayer, worship and Sacred conversations. Times to rest and to just be. These sacred experiences bring us into communion with the Holy Spirit, and with each other, ushering transformation into our minds and hearts.

We invite you to join all who have been part of this experience in our common quest for transformation.