Sacred Sisters United: Strategies for Living

special invitation from Bishop Linda Lee

Our 2020 Virtual Fall Retreat Package includes:

2020 Sacred Sisters Retreat (a 3-part series):

Sacred Sisters United: Strategies for Thriving


 Mini-Retreat II:

Tuesday, Aug. 18, 9-11a CST

Strategies to Thrive Economically: Creating Multiple Income Streams

led by Dr. Angela Cowser.

The deadline to register for this mini-retreat is Sat., 8/15. $39


2020 Fall Retreat:

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 10a - 2p CST

Thursday, Oct. 1, 10a - 2p CST

“Sacred Spiritual Strategies for Thriving in the 21st Century”

    Workshops will be by Dr. Davis-Bridges and Dr. Cower

    Preaching will be done by Rev. Yvette Massey, Chair of BCWUMC

  Our musicians will be Rev. Kelly Tiebout and Rev. Pamela Pirtle

The deadline to register for the Fall Retreat is Fri., 9/18. $59


You are welcome to pay the individual prices if you can’t make all 3; however, we encourage you to save and take advantage of our reduced package price for all 3 at $99! Note: There is no 2 session package discount.

Note: all sessions are via Zoom