Sacred Sisters

Our mission

Do you believe that your life matters? Do you deserve to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy? Is your life worth something? Within that context, how do you identify the health of your congregation? How do you develop the capacity to "pay it forward" by preaching, teaching and guiding others to live fruitful and faithful lives?

Sacred Sisters affirms your life spiritually, physically and mentally. You matter to God and you matter to us!


 What are we all about?


 is to offer sacred silence, conversations, and wholistic spiritual and wellness strategies for clergywomen of African-descent through regular retreats

About Us


Sacred Sisters gives Clergywomen of African descent the unique opportunity to:

  • Build ministry skills through peer-learning groups with other clergywomen who share their cultural, denominational, and spiritual beliefs.

  • Gather in a retreat, and receive mentoring, support, and tools for professional and personal excellence.