COVID-19 & Our Communities

I’m in my feelings right now. I worked in health care for twenty years, specifically in the community health center movement to serve under-served populations, namely African Americans living in food deserts, poor housing, and segregated communities. The health indices of the population demonstrated high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, diabetes, high infant mortality, and high maternal mortality. These community health centers came into being as a supposed “war on poverty” initiative to make health care more accessible, especially preventative health care. Here we are in 2020, there is a pandemic virus, COVID 19, and it’s killing African Americans at an alarming rate. Has anything changed? Our communities are still suffering from adverse conditions due to lifestyle and systematic exclusion from adequate health care interventions.

(exert from Rev. Stewart’s blog)
Rev. Paula Stewart
Clough UMC, Cincinnati, OH
Sacred Sisters Design Team

"Surprise, Gotcha !"


Join us this month for a blog post from Rev. Dr. Marva D. Usher-Kerr ...."we all, (well ) most of us has been surprised at some point in our lives.  Some surprises are good in that they bring joy such as a marriage proposal or acceptance into a job that you weren’t expecting.  However on the other hand there are surprises that are not so great such as the sudden death of a friend or family member or being fired from your job without cause."  

Inspiring Sessions

Get away from our congregations, cares, and concerns to offer compassion and share sacred conversations in a quiet space.  We will share in worship, workshops, peer groups conversations, walks, pampering sessions, rest and renewal.


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